Jake Lumetta

“Uki has done an amazing job organizing and rallying the Chicago Tech Community together with his Google Technology User Group (GTUG) efforts. He has demonstrated his passion and entrepreneurial spirit, and has helped form many new connections in the Chicago tech scene.”  December 7, 2009
Jake Lumetta, Co-founder, ShopFiber (business partner)

Renxiang Li

“Uki is an energetic organizer who brings people from different background together to share their knowledge in Google technologies, namely the Web technology and Android, and their experience in starting new business taking advantage of the latest technology. Personally I benefited a lot from attending the monthly event and I am happy that I've presented two Android tutorials at the GTUG.”  December 7, 2009
Renxiang Li, Principle Staff Engineer, Motorola Application Research Center

Geoff Domoracki

“Uki hosted the Chicago Google Technology Conference where I had the opportunity to speak with Maroon Global. Uki is a great leader and an expert in both the technologies and business opportunities available to young developers.” December 6, 2009 
Geoff Domoracki, Owner, midVentures.com Group (business partner)

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