Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

  take a road less traveled - don’t compete
  re-post experts 
  blog about good articles
  ask smart questions
  ask for comments
  show up - even if virtually

In addition to outlined best practices when composing the post keep in mind the following: Promote yourself among the people you don’t compete with. I have seen very successful food vendors promoting themselves among business and technology crowd. You have to “speak their language” but you should not let them think you compete with them. If you find the right market they will be happy to promote you.
It is a good practice to re-post experts’ posts with short value-add comment. There are plenty of people who will just repost the tweet. I like to use tools like TweetDeck that allows me to edit the tweet before re-posting. I like to add couple of words to enhance what was said before. If my readers see my and other peoples’ re-tweets, I want them to choose mine to quote.
As you read an interesting articles on the subject pertaining to your business, it is a good practice to post a short comment, add your thoughts, complete and enhance on your own business blog and ask for readers comments along with reference to original article. Smart questions, especially these not answered in the article work like magic. 
Thanks to the fact that we practically live in the virtual world you can participate in events from around the world. You should follow all major events around the world that pertain to your business:
anticipate the event with excitement, help organizers promote it
do some research on speakers, promote them
avoid promoting competition, but be curious
during the event follow the participants
re-tweet smart comments and little “gems” of information
add value by providing opinions pertaining to the subject
add bio info about speakers as they speak, people love it
follow up with people and send thank you for the event
#FollowFriday the best contributor
Tracking URLs
  keep track of URL clicks via

Finally, remember that URL shortening services like keep track of the popular topics, so you should try to make links to your website a destination.

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