Company size & culture

When you decide to develop your company you have some important choices to make, many people measure the success by how much revenues the company brings and how many people work for them. After working in couple of very large corporations I developed certain level of dislike to politics and bureaucracy, I also like to know personally people I work with and treat them as a family with whom I choose to spend most of my waking hours. Over the years, the lifestyle became very important to me too; I am realizing that opportunities for me to ski the slopes, climb the mountains and dive the reefs will get scarcer and scarcer, therefore I am in need to build a company that can proclaim a “ski day”, or a “field trip” without worrying about investors, partners or hundreds of employee.
It is widely known that small teams can accomplish greater things than big, slow and committee-driven companies. It may sound not ambitious, but my ambition is to build a smallest-possible company with a handful of friends that makes plenty of money without a need of big human overhead.

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