eBook Tools and Formats

The eBook can be written with any text editor however in the final version it will be consumed as HTML, PDF, ePub, or Kindle Mobi format.
Today, most of the authors still use word processors like Microsoft Word, or Apple Pages. More specialized editors include StoryMill and Storyist.
- Microsoft Word: generic word processor, currently the most commonly used tool. Ability to download book templates.
- Apple Pages: good generic word  processor with PDF and ePub export.
- StoryMill: a good tool to write a script, however it lacks export to ePub functionality
- Storyist: a good tool to write a script with ePub export functionality, but no PDF export.   

Pros and Cons of self-publishing.
Self-publishing can be very attractive if you are:
- first time author
- addressing a narrow niche of interest
- have a strong following outside of the main stream media
- limited budget
Publishing with a main stream publishing house makes sense when:
- you are a bestselling author
- you write on main-stream topics e.g. romantic novels
- you need help with marketing, but you are not good social marketer
- you want a recognition that comes with a hardcover edition of your book
- you want to publish large “coffee table” format album

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