QR and bar-code scanners

  • QR codes as infinite real estate
  • different QR codes in-store and outside

QR codes allow a small label to have infinite real estate. The QR code should point to different content in-store and outside. Inside the store you might show your customer a video about the product, product comparisons, customer reviews and ratings. Outside of the store you may show purchase location availability and directions of use depending if user is shopping, or looking for help.

From the coffee package QR code you can learn the following:

The product information, for example coffee’s origin, eco-friendliness, fair-trade policies, country and environmental data of where it was grown. The product comparison: listing of comparative products, pros and cons of each. Complementary products: for example cups, coffee grinders, table clothes, etc. Other language translations. Ability to add to favorites, rain-check list, TO-DO items, etc. Coupons - the high end retailers do not use discount coupons, a lot of companies has been using coupons to promote customer loyalty companies like Groupon dilute brand loyalty and can be detrimental to retailer coupons should be offered outside the store, once in-store there is no incentive for retailer.

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