AT&T Android system update pleasantly surprises with a lot of improvements

When I got my Motorolla Atrix, I loved the phone and hated the Operating System. Today I was pleasantly surprised by the 4.5.91 system update from AT&T by the quantity of improvements on different levels.

First of all UI is much more sharp and pleasant. In the old version we had 2 buttons doubling themselves like call and contacts which were opening the same functionality,  just different tabs:

The last OS update has a much better UX, where the "Apps" is mandatory, and you can add another 3 apps on your choice, either its a call button or your favorite mobile games.

Another nice touch is that  you can set and choose profiles, so for the week days you set all you need for work like calendars, TODO apps, sticky notes etc., whereas on weekends you can set home profile or create a Sunday one and choose your sailing, hiking restaurants apps on the home screen.

On the Application screen, the new system displays the market icon and provides a wide range of options on the long press like: add to home, add to group, share, uninstall. Another big improvement concerning app management is that now you can check to allow installation of non-market applications, a restriction that created a lot of trouble for mobile developers before, for me as well.

As minor minuses I would list for now a less recognizable and less attractive icons for browser, camera, voice commands and the worse one - text messaging

I keep discovering my new phone OS and I love it. Now I really feel that I am the OWNER of this phone and not the carrier.

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