Chicago Local Guide Android App

All you need in Chicago to find:
  • interesting places: points-of-interest around you
  • cultural, social, sports and technology events around Chicago
  • Chicago photography and art
  • food trucks twitter feed and map (coming soon)
  • beautiful Chicago wallpapers

We would like to extend an invitation to artists and galleries of Chicago for free promotion in our application.
Below are just a few benefits we could provide:
  • Calendar would cover dates of your event
  • Link from the calendar would open your Website or Map
  • Vernissage - art galleries of the exhibiting artists with art description
  • QR scanner - scans would take attendees to online galleries of the artists
  • "What's around" would show attendees restaurants, etc. around
  • Sharing would enable attendees to post Facebook/Twitter comments
Post your art to our Facebook page

Download the app: 

If you cannot find this app on Android Market download it here:

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