Consumerism vs. Classics

Ever popular, cute cats that sing, zombie booths, mindless attention grabbers, full of glitter -- there is a constant flow of products designed to amuse you, to make you want to get them now, instant gratification candies. They don't serve any particular need, more or less like glass beads in colonization era, they offer a cheap thrill for few minutes, maybe weeks if you are a rare person on inflicted with ADD, than they are left unused for what they really are, rubbish.

Whole industries work hard to create a products that are meant to be replaced as soon as the next wave of fad arrives.

On the other side of the spectrum are the products that are beautifully designed, fulfilling their purpose for a need that is long lasting and deeply entrenched in our psychology. These are like classic cars with are as pleasing today as they were in their heyday, there are like beautiful houses, scuptures and master crasftsmen furniture, or small items like a pocket knife, or a fountain pen. Things you cherish and use, and keep on using for generations.

Sometimes, it is important for us, designers of modern products to go back and think - do I provide a lasting value?

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