eBook Reader vs Paper Book

eBook readers like Nook from Barnes&Nobles and Kindle from Amazon are becoming more and more popular. I was bought on the idea of tablet readers from the first experience.

Here are some major advantages:
  • you can store hundreds of books. You can read more books at a time and don't have to carry a back-pack for this
  • you can make notes, selections and share the best quotes with friends.
  • you can look up for unknown words in the dictionary or internet if available. 
  • you can read as well as write book reviews
  • you can load and read *.pdf files.
  • you can adjust the reader to different light conditions
  • you can become your own author, as publishing yours thought, poetry or even recipe book is relatively simple
  • by choosing eBook reader over paper book you contribute improving or at least sparing our ecology as publishing industry is very polluting. 
  • considering that this technology is relatively new, not all the books have been converted to eBooks yet, especially old editions.
  • even if you can read for weeks on a battery charge you still have to take care to charge your eBook reader (an often issue for me).
After reading over ten books on the Nook, I had to come back to a paper book only because the edition was not republished since 1967. The reading experience is not very pleasant, though the book is worth it.
First of all, because of the yellowish aged paper the contrast is bad and the font size pretty small and plenty of crooked letters.
Secondly, if you take your sight away or get distracted, because of the small font, it takes quite a while to get back to the place where you stopped reading.
And third, while reading on the train its very difficult to take notes and put your thoughts down.
I am very happy to see that the eBook readers become very affordable. Barnes&Noble Nook with touchscreen is only $99.

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