Roadmap for Mobile Business - The Need for This Book

It has been said many times that the best way to create something of value is to address your own pressing needs. It is also true for this book. 

Developing mobile applications with people from around the world creates a need to share not only tasks to be accomplished, but also the governing principles and the reasons of how we came to make the decisions that we made, in other words the organizational culture. 

Writing a book in addition to Blog, would force us to have a concise, living knowledge repository held up to a higher standards, because scrutinized by public reviews. We should also make it no secret that books are more prestigious, and hopefully add to profitability.

You should read this book if you are an entrepreneur trying to build a mobile product, an executive outlying the mobile road-map for your corporation, a developer or software project manager improving user experience in your mobile product, or a marketing person working for the mobile industry. 

Download and post review at Barnes & Noble:

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