What are my application options?

There are several distinct types of applications you may choose to develop, each with it's advantages and disadvantages.
Here is a list in order of specialization:

  1. large-screen fully-featured website
  2. mobile-optimized website
  3. mobile-only website or mWeb
  4. mWeb wrapped in native app
  5. write once, deploy everywhere solutions
  6. fully native application

In the subsequent chapters we will go over every approach and outline it's advantages and disadvantages.

For the impatient readers we provide a quick recommendation:

Do minimum mobile optimization to your existing website (#2) to remove excess materials and write fully native apps starting with Android phone at first, then iPhone. Follow up with formatting for tablets.

Modern smart phones have really good browsers that allow reader to pinch, pan and double-tap to read the content very comfortably. Optimization for mobile should be limited to putting content in clear columns that will look nicely when zoomed-in. Don't forget to remove excess of advertisements and non-standard content like Flash, which will get its own chapter soon.
Developing native application as a next step is the best way to provide your users the best experience possible.  

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