Android Iris is the answer to..

.. nothing, absolutely nothing. I have read the article "Android Iris: Google's Answer to Apple Siri!" and gave Iris a try.

Me: "Harley Davidson"
Iris writes: "Harley Davidson"
Iris thinks and answers: "What color are my eyes?"

I have been using voice recognition successfully in the past, most of the time to set up my task reminders while driving and I can see some value in doing so.

Very often the text was right on if I used common words but good luck asking e.g. "What is XL1200S?" Which being a model of Harley-Davidson produced, um, forever, I would expect to recognize it.

In the past, I have used COPY, PASTE, CUT, SAVE, UNDO, BUILD voice recognized commands while coding and that works well if YOU ARE ALONE in the room. It can really save you a lot of wrist strain if you do a lot of it, since these particular commands require 2 finger key presses.    

I don't see myself using voice commands around humans until the computer can really pick up MY OWN voice out of regular conversation e.g. "Iris, what is my 3PM looking like?"

For all of you ladies named Iris out there, well I would not be afraid you what to change your names.. yet.

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