NBC Chicago mentions Taxi Share

NBC Chicago, Brad Spirrison, posts a mention (edited by David Wolinsky) of Taxi Share Android application, you can read the whole article here.

Taxi Share Chicago is a new smart phone application available on Android designed to give people the ability to easily and efficiently share taxi cab when going to the same general destination. The application is designed and created by CyberWalkAbout.com in cooperation with application cofounders Daniel Fedor, Ryan Bahrke and Uki D, Lucas.

How it works: Once you opened the application, select the general destination of your travel (Chicago downtown, O'Hare, Wrigley Field, etc.). The application then will show the route of your travel on a map. Anyone else using the app and traveling in the same direction will be shown on the map without disclosing their identity. Using the anonymous chat feature (trademark of CyberWalkAbout.com) both parties can arrange the pickup while maintaining their privacy.


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