Food Tracks app in Several More Cities!

People have been tweeting about local food trucks, books were written on the subjects, but now the food trucks have a chance to have their voice above the crowds and have their location known on the map.

Food Tracks application from allows people follow their food trucks and if the owner chooses so, to see that truck on the map. The app made appearance in several American cities, and now it covers hundreds of trucks. The truck owners are eager to join the service because it is a free advertisement for them - all they have to do is turn on their geo-location when they tweet. Yes, it is absolutely free!

The app made their appearance in following regions:

- Atlanta, GA
- Bay Area / San Francisco / Silicon Valley, CA
- Chicago, IL
- Dallas, TX
- Houston, TX
- Las Vegas, NV
- Los Angeles (LA), CA
- Miami, FL
- New York City (NYC), NY
- Orange County, CA
- Phoenix, AZ
- Portland, OR
- Seattle, WA
- Washington, DC

Download the app on Google Play Market:

If you are a truck owner you should definitely join in by writing to

Food Trucks Submission FORM

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