Children TV app for Mac OS is proud to announce a version of our popular "Children TV" app for Mac OS (desktop). ChildrenTV apps for iPhone and iPad that is now available on the App Store. 

With a large selection of sorted age-appropriate videos, the fun-filled app is designed to reinforce foreign language skills, and provide an entertaining cross-cultural experience for both kids and the entire family. 

The app is available for download at:

"App To Have for Mac" reports Children TV to be in top 300 in Entertainment category:

Beamboard app for iOS just released a new app for!

Beamboard is a revolutionary mobile experience that might soon rival email and messaging.

It includes features such as:

- personal and organization messaging
- map and camera augmented reality tracking
- categorized board of messages at glance
- ability to update and expire messages (unlike email)
- email processing
- advanced logo scanning and organization search

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Clean navigation with "Octopad"  

Categorized messages

Personal and Organizational messages (beams) in augmented reality:

Other (not beams) organizations shown in augmented reality

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