November 14, 2013

New versions of Local Events apps for Android! is happy to announce new updates of Chicago, Los Angeles, and SF Bay Area Events apps for Android.

We've just deployed 

  • CHICAGO EVENTS – version 65
  • SF BAY AREA EVENTS – version 15
  • LA EVENTS - version 7

Check out the apps and give us your feedback! We do our best to constantly improve our applications.

Filter and browse events by these popular categories:
- Art and Culture,
- Social Media,
- Sports Events,
- Food Events,
- Business,
- Digital Art,
- Marathons, Triathlons and Obstacle Races
- Technology

Select and follow your favorite events on Twitter with #hashtags already included, share using Facebook, Google+ Email, SMS so your friends get on the action, too.

Download Chicago Events here: 
Download San Francisco Bay Area Events here:
Download LA Events here:

Also, the Local Events apps are available for iPhone!

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