ChildrenTV story

ChildrenTV is a mobile app that provides an impressive collection of new and old classic cartoons that you can filter by language and age category.

“The original idea came to me while I was inspired by seeing my daughter search and watch her favorite YouTube cartoons.  So we decided to create ChildrenTV mobile app, a cute and useful application that makes the process of teaching foreign languages an interactive session for both parents and kids."- said Uki D. Lucas, ChildrenTV founder.

Over the past 3 years, his mobile development company has worked to develop the ChildrenTV  application and has continuously updated its content. Praised for its successful combination of beautiful graphics and educational content, the title gained a huge popularity on the Android an iOS markets and received positive feedback. The app integrates with the existing web site YouTube and streams live hundreds of safe videos that can be easily filtered by language and age category.

With more than 1,000 videos and growing, the app provides a fun way to keep kids both occupied and educated during long car rides as well as babysit them at home.  Cute and colorful graphics, an array of entertaining cartoons in 10 languages, together with a kid-friendly interface make ChildrenTV a great addition to a children’s mobile library. Also, as a parent you can brush up on a foreign language skills using this app, too!
We have lot of users from different countries, speaking MANY LANGUAGES, since it is almost impossible to find favorite videos in so many languages we ask you to help us, your and other kids will be thankful. Please suggest videos that your kids like, and we will do our best to make them available in the Children TV apps

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