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CyberWalkAbout.com is a mobile development company based in Chicago. We are specializing in state-of-the art user experience design for Android and Apple iOS mobile devices. We are proud owners and creators of over two dozen application spanning multiple platforms as well as many white-label projects. We will be happy to take on mobile app design and development projects. There is a rather impressive portfolio of prior work listed on the right margin of our website.  To assure top quality, we prefer to take whole projects only - design, management and development. Our rates are very affordable, so contact us today at info@CyberWalkAbout.com

Mobile Application Development

  • ‪top quality graphical design‬ 
  • ‪mobile-optimized User Experience (UX)‬ 
  • ‪Android development ‬ 
  • ‪iPhone and iPad development‬ 
  • ‪Website Google App Engine and Google ‬
  • Web Toolkit development‬ 

Our approach:

  • we meet with your team for face-to-face discussion of your project 
  • we provide a detailed line-item estimate of the effort at very competitive (low) rates 
  • we require 50% of quoted amount in up-front payment 
  • we deliver the project in complete start-to-end iterations which are usually less than one-month long 
  • we are diligent in creating brief, but essencial online documentation for each project 

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