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November 14, 2013

New versions of Local Events apps for Android! is happy to announce new updates of Chicago, Los Angeles, and SF Bay Area Events apps for Android.

We've just deployed 

  • CHICAGO EVENTS – version 65
  • SF BAY AREA EVENTS – version 15
  • LA EVENTS - version 7

Check out the apps and give us your feedback! We do our best to constantly improve our applications.

Filter and browse events by these popular categories:
- Art and Culture,
- Social Media,
- Sports Events,
- Food Events,
- Business,
- Digital Art,
- Marathons, Triathlons and Obstacle Races
- Technology

Select and follow your favorite events on Twitter with #hashtags already included, share using Facebook, Google+ Email, SMS so your friends get on the action, too.

Download Chicago Events here: 
Download San Francisco Bay Area Events here:
Download LA Events here:

Also, the Local Events apps are available for iPhone!

February 29, 2012

New In Town Chicago mentions Local Guide

They write: 

Hey, I’m always on the lookout for new things that help out new-in-town Chicago residents. I recently came across this fantastic Android app that’s perfect for people who just moved to Chicago and still great for those of us who already live here.

What should you know about moving to Chicago? How do you get around? How do you find a place to live in
Chicago? Where should you go, what should you do, and how do you meet people?

Moving to Chicago, or any new city, can be an expensive, bewildering, and lonely experience if you don’t have a
friend showing you the ropes and watching out for you.

NEW IN TOWN CHICAGO” is the resourceful, streetwise, savvy new resident’s  blog about moving in, getting
around, and building a new life in the Windy City.  Learn tips, avoid pitfalls, and find out about the best Chicago has
to offer so you can start having incomparable life experiences in the city.  This blog is your guide making the
transition; your springboard taking you from fresh, wide-eyed new resident to savvy Chicago insider.

February 15, 2012

Crain's mentions CyberWalkAbout apps

Chicago Business Website, operated by Crain's mentions and couple of our applications.

CyberWalkAbout apps: This Chicago mobile development company has released several apps for iPhones, Android and iPads over the past several months. The Chicago Local Guide app helps Chicagoans and tourists find the city's attractions, as well as cultural, social, art, food and technology events. It was an award winner in the recent Apps for Metro Chicago Illinois competition. The Taxi Share app, which CyberWalkAbout developed with Daniel Fedor, helps people find someone else heading to the same destination so they can share a taxi ride. And the ChildrenTV app aims to keep kids occupied and educated with more than 800 videos. The firm recently issued a multilingual version of the ChildrenTV app for iPads. CyberWalkAbout CEO Uki Lucas calls it “a cute and useful application that makes the process of teaching foreign languages an interactive session for both parents and kids.”

original story:

Uki's Google Java Technology blog